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Driving on Highway A 81 you´ll have a pleasant trip coming to see us. We are close to exit 5 of this Autobahn. If you are travelling by train we´ll be glad to pick you up at a station nearby.

While touring our plant you can get information about our comprehensive bulk material data base and the production of our filter units. Thanks to our modular system we can assemble your filter apparatus while you wait.



our address:

ts-systemfilter gmbh
Gänsäcker 9
74744 Ahorn-Berolzheim
Fon: +49 6296 88-0
Fax: +49 6296 88-55

A 81, exit 5, Boxberg
B 292 direction Berolzheim, Mosbach
after approx. 800 m on the left side you´ll see our building with the sign

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