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Filter units

ts-systemfilter gmbh´s modular system

Our modular system makes it easy for you to find a cost-effective filter apparatus.

Most of the modules are made of aluminium, since it is lightweight and doesn´t oxidise. Alternatively you also can obtain models made of stainless steel or regular steel.

The star filters variable in length and filter housings available in five different sizes of diameter offer a wide range of possibilities to realise the required filter area. The components of the filter apparatus are connected by clamping rings.

The connecting pieces can be rotated in each direction – you determine the variable installation of the door, the socket piece, connection of power supply as well as compressed air supply.

All parts within a series are exchangeable. Supplementary conversions of existing filter units can be realised, too.

A mechanically cleaned off-line filter can be converted to a continuously self-cleaning on-line filter. Combinations of the systems can be selected for the multistage separation of additional pollutants, e. g. fine dust or odours.

Along with the same system we offer you a certified pressure relief system on the clean air side which prevents the emission of flames.

The discharge of the bulk material is completed with control organs like the rotary valve or the ball stop valve which is especially gentle to the bulk material. Exchangeable wear parts are available for both versions.

Acoustic hoods and weather cowls for filter units and fans round off our product range.

Special design and customized solutions

The system is variable and can adapt to individual requirements. Custom-made or single copy filter units as well as the production of all kinds of small series can be realised up to sample or drawing. Conversions of existing filter units are possible, too.

If you send us your requirements specifications we´ll develop together with you the filter apparatus suitable for your company and your special corporate identity.

We´ll be glad to assist you in designing the filter apparatus to suit your needs.

Testing of your bulk material determining the optimal application of ts-systemfilter units, filter media, operating times, clean air values and many more data will lead to the selection of your custom-made ts-systemfilter apparatus.



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