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Filter design

An essential parameter of the filter apparatus is the surface of the filter. It often is not identical with the total filter area. The usable filter area AF is the quotient of the air-quantity and fitration speed.

Most applications lie between a fitration speed of 0,5 and 2,5 m/min. The extreme-area is between 0,2 and 0,5 m/min or 2,5 and 4 m/min. The usual pressure-loss at the filter lies between 50 and 200 mmWS.

There are different factors influencing the operation performance of the filter units. A few aof them are listed below:
physical properties of the filter media, e. g.: cracking pressure
  air permeability
dust, bulk material and their properties, e.g. bulk density, chemical
  composition etc.
carrier gas , e.g. air volume, temperature, pressure and relative
construction of the filter apparatus, e.g. form of regeneration,
  geometry of the star filters

The filter-apparatus adequate for your application can easily be determined with the slide rule developed by ts-systemfilter gmbh.


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Illustration: Slide rule developed by ts-systemfilter gmbh



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